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The Parent Support Team will hold a Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Parenting Group especially for Catawba County families with preschool age children! Participating parents will learn positive parenting strategies through observation, discussion, practice, and feed-back. Each family will receive an “Every Parent’s Group Workbook” that outlines the ses-sion material and provides the opportunity for personal goal setting and reflection. Be-tween the 4th and 5th sessions, parents will participate in 3 weekly one-on-one phone consultations with the facilitator.

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Camp Directory! Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for growth and development, and provides a period of summertime respite for parents and caregivers. The camp experience may be especially valuable for children who have special needs, as they can be isolated from some of the social experiences that other children take for granted.

The camps in this directory are organized alphabetically by county for camps in North Carolina, and alphabetically by state for camps outside the state. Each entry includes contact information for the camp, type of disability it serves, a description of camp activities, cost, and dates for 2017*. We have also included a list of camps organized by specialty/condition.

This directory is a product of the Family Support Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. It is a resource for family members and service providers who are looking for summer camp experiences for children. The Family Support Program does not endorse any camp programs, including those listed in the directory.

Happy Camping!

*Please note that some camps are still in the process of finalizing camp details for 2017. This directory will be updated as we receive this information.

Download Directory in PDF below.